This section includes a series of spreadsheets on the details of my rides outlined by day and month. Also included are spreadsheets for my volunteer work and travel plans.

Bike Wales - Overall Totals

I think the main take away from these charts is that I enjoy cycling. I began logging my rides via Google Sheets and posting reports to this modest blog in 2012. Since then I've cycled over 800 days covering more than 42,000 miles.

However, I didn't set out to achieve these numbers... I just rode my bike for the shear pleasure I find in pedalling across this lovely little country. Because honestly, this place is amazing. So thank you Wales... thank you for being so friendly and beautiful and interesting. I am a lucky boy.

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Here are the totals for every year - by every month. Select a date tab to view the specifics for that year:

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I've got the details of every month and every ride!. That's right!... select a year below to view the Monthly Details. Go on - you nutter!

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Fun & Random Trivia
Just a few bits of comparative information to wrap yer noodle around...

And it all began 40 years ago when I bought my first proper touring bike; a 1978 Trek 700. Read more...

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