This section includes a series of Google spreadsheets outlining the details of my rides by day, month, and year. It should be noted too, that I generally record all my rides using a Garmin Tour SatNav which I then upload to Ride With GPS. All the details are then merged here and voila!

2018 Goals

I want to cycle 8,000 miles for the year. Why? This will be a stepping stone for my 2020 goal of 10,000 miles in a single year.

I came very close to 8k last year, so with a concerted effort and some decent weather, I feel confident that I can achieve this number. (And yes, for 2019, my goal will be 9,000 miles!)


Whoa there buddy! I thought you said you didn't care about numbers?!?! Smiles not Miles, remember? The truth is that in order to visit some of the places I wish to cycle, I will need to be in good physical condition - and that my friend, entails training!

Secondly, I want to ride on 180 individual days. That's an average of 15 days each month. I find this the hardest goal to achieve and I've been chasing it for six years. I want to hit it!

Next, I want to ride 20 x 100 mile rides. I'm gonna raise the bar by five rides. I missed my goal last year by only two (13 out of 15). I enjoy the longer rides so this should be a good one to work toward.

Bring out the Big Crazy...
Lastly, I've wedged in a giant goal of reaching 155.34 miles or a 250k day/ride. This will be THE BIG ONE. It will require a huge push of which I hope to include two(2) x 125 mile (200k) training day/ride(s). Sounds easy enough, right? Here's my training schedule/distance plan:

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