This section includes a series of spreadsheets on the details of my rides outlined by day and month. Also included are spreadsheets for my volunteer work and travel plans.

Solitaires by Year

Audux riders typically use a fixed set of metric distances to define their rides. Taking their lead, I decided to isolate those of my rides which fit their categories and place them into my own little subset of rides I'm calling "Solitaires".

I often ride distances exceeding 62.14 miles (a Metric Century) which I find noteworthy. And then too, I often set myself a goal of riding a 100 miles (160.93 kms), again very noteworthy (see: 100 Mile Club). It's within this range (62.4 miles and 160 kms) that reporting distances gets messy. After 100 miles, it's easy enough to stick with kilometres.

Meanwhile, I've created some sort of colour-coding system (key shown right) which I'm not sure if it helps or merely adds to the confusion?

100 Mile Club
Essentially all these "Solitaires" lead up to the big rides of 100 miles or more. Of course, I've got those isolated for you to check out! Click here to view the 100 Mile Club.

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