This section includes a series of Google spreadsheets outlining the details of my rides by day, month, and year. It should be noted too, that I generally record all my rides using a Garmin Tour SatNav which I then upload to Ride With GPS. All the details are then merged here and voila!

About 100 Mile Club

Riding 100 miles or more has become a regular feature to my cycling adventures. Tracking the details has become a mild addiction.

I've been cycle touring for over 40 years and oddly enough, I hadn't ridden 100 miles in a single day until 2012 (see: Garway & The Kinghts Templar). It's kind of surprising, but I never had a numeric distance as a goal. Going places has always been my main objective. My longer rides have been generally composed of multi-day tours with roughly 50 miles cycled per day.

Longer Days in the Saddle
Since moving to Wales, most of my rides are now "day rides" where I generally set out on a long loop through the countryside. I don't worry about my speed; I just go somewhere I find interesting and then come home. My primary goal is to spend the entire day out on my bike.

I made four rides of 100 miles (or more) during 2014 and I officially started my 100 Mile Club. I'm rather proud to see that each year the number of "hundred milers" has grown.

>> View all my 100 mile rides by year: 100 Mile Club by Year.

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