This section includes a series of Google spreadsheets outlining the details of my rides by day, month, and year. It should be noted too, that I generally record all my rides using a Garmin Tour SatNav which I then upload to Ride With GPS. All the details are then merged here and voila!

About Goals

Everybody has 'em. They come in all shapes and sizes. They give us pride and purpose. They weigh us down with shame and guilt. They are the self-imposed demons we chase and drag and beat ourselves with - throughout the entirety of our lives.

However, I've got some pretty simple goals. I just want to go to interesting places on my bike, photograph them, come home and then write about them. I need to remember this.


Looking at My Goals
I've learned something this year... be careful of your goals. I set myself some pretty high achievements and though I haven't reached all of them, of those few I have achieved - I now question their importance because what I've shown above is far more interesting that what I have below.

A quick snapshot from my list of goals from 2018

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It's a love/hate relationship. I started worrying with cycling goals the day I began scribbling the details of my rides in dirty little notebooks back in 2007. It went up a full-notch when I made them computerised with spreadsheets. Then I went completely overboard with this damn blog. It is without a doubt - an addiction.

Now I spend most of my leisure time working in Google Sheets, Blogger, and Photoshop - all for the sake of recording, documenting, and measuring my goals. Urgh! Does any of this really matter to anyone?!?!

These are the core of my rides now (2018). I generally try to make all my rides at least 62.14 miles in length (100 kms; a metric century). Anything shorter, I just consider a warm up ride.

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100 Mile Club
Cycling 100 miles or more has taken hold of me. I try to ride 100 miles (or more) at least twice a month. It's a little crazy, actually.

>> Read more: "About 100 Mile Club" or witness the sickness: "100 Mile Club by Year".

The take away from all of this is; that most often the better part of my cycling life comes not from numbers in a spreadsheet, but from exploring. Setting out with a destination and letting the day just happen.

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